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The PCA is your resource to achieve your goal of running a professional contracting business that meets the needs of your customers. The valuable networking provides a way to exchange ideas and share problems and solutions with your peers in a friendly and non-competitive atmosphere.

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Washington State Council PCA Chapter Membership Benefits:

  • Educational meetings and events
  • Social and networking events for your employees, family and friends
  • Networking with the top paint and product suppliers
  • Networking with other successful painting contractors
  • Access to a broad knowledge base to help solve your business problems
  • Mentor Partnership Program: Learn from other members you respect
  • Member only discounts on meetings and events 

Health Insurance

MBA and BIAW Health Insurance Program

Take advantage of your PDCA membership by enrolling in the MBA and BIAW Health Insurance Programs which provide employees superior wellness programs and benefit plans. All plans in the MBA and BIAW Health Insurance Program offer 100% coverage for preventive care such as well baby care, screenings, annual physicals and many more. Promoting health behavior habits provides for lower costs for the members as well as a lifestyle change for employees. Find out how we can help your company provide your employees a head start towards a healthy life style.

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Hire A Certified PCA Painter!

Use a PCA member contractor on your next residential, commercial or industrial painting project. A PCA member contractor invests their time and money to take classes, attend seminars and keep ahead of trends and technology. A PCA contractor demonstrates a desire to be the best in the industry. Look for the PCA logo on your next bid … it makes a difference.

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ABC Retro

Did You Know?

Your Washington State Council PCA membership benefits include opportunities to join Affiliate organizations like ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Washington) for their Retrospective (RETRO) Rating Program?

What is Retro?

Washington State Council PCA members have an optional program available to them through ABC to assist in cutting the cost of industrial insurance premiums. Labor & Industries has a financial-incentive program called retrospective rating which allows ABC to sponsor a retro program through our affiliate partnership. Under ABC Retro, your firm’s industrial insurance premium for a given 12-month “retro coverage period” is adjusted, after the fact, based on claims with an injury date within the period.

Retrospective rating requires your active participation to help control these costs. By keeping claims costs to a minimum, you have an opportunity for a substantial refund.

Retro gives you a financial incentive to increase your safety awareness, reduce workplace accidents, and get more involved in minimizing the costs of the claims that do occur. In addition to helping you earn retro refunds, you’ll be controlling your future “experience factor” and premium rates.

Under the retro program, an employer who experiences claim costs lower than expected for the coverage period will receive a refund. An employer will be charged an additional premium t partially cover the unanticipated expenses if claim sosts are higher than projected.

ABC has one of the highest rated Retro programs in the business.
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Learn more about becoming a member of the Washington State Council Painting Contractors Association f the Painting!
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